October 31, 2017 Nicholie Rehnlund

Live performance

The two Swedish prodigies are claiming new territory in contemporary music. With a strong visual and musical approach Arrhult delivers youthful decadence with an artistic message. They promote the right to define yourself in any way you want and be accepted for it. Arrhult is a new kind of artist; Young, bold, ambitious and progressive.

After featuring as co-writers and vocalists on Joakim Lundell’s mega-top-sellers “All I Need”, “My Addiction”, “Waiting For” and “Monster” , Arrhult began releasing their own music early 2017 starting with “Just fiction” and the follow up “Badder together”.

Arrhult’s performance is bound to be a big hit – Don’t miss to get a seat and see them LIVE on Saturday the 11th on the big stage at ATTITUDE STHLM

Limited tickets available