Make Up Store

Make Up Store
October 31, 2017 Nicholie Rehnlund

Beauty Show

Make Up Store presents an enchanted beauty show where
dark magnificence meets elegance, glamour 
and opulent shades. 

Discover the Fall/Winter 2017 beauty trends through an extravagant show which promises nothing but a wow experience from start to end. The Fall/Winter 2017 collections RAW, CHALK, ELIXIR, SHADE RED, GRACE and HELIX represents a vivid range of colors and a variety in looks and intensity. Make Up Store’s beauty show is a unique production where everything from products, clothes and visuals are designed and developed in-house and are custom made for the show. Don’t miss the ultimate source to the fall/winter season makeup trends. 

Watch the show live at ATTITUDE STHLM
on Saturday the 11th of November.

Limited seats available