Maryam Aljaderi and her raw symbolic visual art

Maryam Aljaderi and her raw symbolic visual art
October 25, 2017 Nicholie Rehnlund
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Raw and symbolism in visual art – Maryam Aljaderi brings it to  ATTITUDE STHLM

Maryam Aljaderi is a self-taught, urban artist settled in Stockholm who truly converts the soul and it’s colours into her symbolically mesmerising portraits. Color spectrum, strong composition with humans in focus and the use of ambiguous painting techniques are key in how Maryam captivates her everyday impressions onto the canvases.

During her career she has had several exhibitions around the country and got chosen as 1 of 7 young talents in Sweden by Microsoft Windows. On her lucrative list of collaborations are larger companies like Spotify, Mall of Scandinavia, Vero Moda, Leva&BO, Expressen, TedX and several entreprenuer – and charity events.

The art
Maryams passion for art came in early age. Today she mainly portrait humans with acrylics, spray and textile colors in her paintings. The inspiration comes from everyday impressions, where and whenever. She loves to convert words to visual symbolism. Maryam herself describes her art as raw, urban, colorful and powerful in symbolism with humans in focus.

Get the chance to meet the inspiring artist at ATTITUDE STHLM.