The official ATTITUDE-STHLM is taking place in the magnificent Stockholm City Hall – a venue know around the world thanks in part to the annual Nobel Banquet. During the evening guests, among other things, witness a world-class Parisian Haut Couture show and have the opportunity to mingle with the Scandinavian and international fashion elite. A event with very limited amount of invitation.

“ – I’m still floating on clouds! What an amazing evening in the Blue hall with the Swedish and the French fashion elite, fantastique!”
Bibi Rödöö Director ”Sommar i P1”, P1 Sweden Radio

“ – A historical haute couture event, the fashion became truly magical in the Blue hall”
Fashion & trend analytics, Cay Bond

” – A sparkling evening with world class fashion, opportunity to broadening the horizons and meeting new people”
Tara Moshizi, Culture journalist

” – The very best of French and Swedish Fashion made this evening at the Blue Hall a truly memorable experience”
Mr Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Ambassadeur of France

“ – Hosting the lavish Fashion event at the Blue Hall, The Stockholm City Hall was spectacular and a great joy”
Sabinije von Gaffke, Presenter & Journalist

” – A magical evening in Stockholm and City Hall. Really exciting to meet so many Swedish designers”
Mr Jean Pierre Mocho, President of the French Federation of Women’s Pret‐à‐ Porter

” – Fashion at the international level, I was hugely surprised”
Geraldine Florin, Purchases Galleries Lafayette Paris

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